Our history

Tradition and modernity

The estate has a varied history, before it again became the center of the village and a representative place for guests. Hardly any other European region offers such a high density of castles as Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. There are two reasons for this: First, in the former principality of Mecklenburg, succession did not pass to the first-born son alone for a long time. He had to share power and often also the land with his younger brothers, which resulted in an almost inflationary construction of residences. Second, the landscape is traditionally agrarian. Many large landowners documented their wealth by building a magnificent family residence. It is thanks to these circumstances and the committed investors of the last 20 years that today you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation in many castles and manor houses.

More than a purebred warmblood

Gut Gremmelin was devoted entirely to the breeding of noble horses.