Leisure activities

When you want to do more than NOTHING

As a central location in Mecklenburg, Gut Gremmelin is an ideal starting point for various activities. Explore the area by bike or on foot, visit the Müritz or the Baltic Sea. Explore small towns like Waren and Teterow or our state capital Schwerin.

Discover our surroundings


Enjoy the tranquility on the water and discover the adjacent lake by rowing boat or kayak.

Nordic Walking

Explore the trails and tours directly in our forest. You can borrow the Nordic walking poles you need from us.

Bike tours & E-Bike

Rent an e-bike and explore the nature and area around Gremmelin. In addition, you will receive a bike map, which will give you orientation at any time. Please book at least 2 days before arrival!

Discover our beautiful cities

State capital Schwerin

Discover the “City of the Seven Lakes” on a city tour, with the red double-decker bus or from the water by boat or kayak. Visit Schwerin Castle, the castle gardens, the historic cathedral and the charming and picturesque old town. Take a long walk or a bicycle tour along the Franzosenweg to Zippendorfer Strand on Schwerin Lake, where pompous villas meet old hotel ruins.

Barlach town Güstrow

Experience the unmistakable charm of one of Mecklenburg’s most beautiful towns, rich in sights and leisure opportunities. The old town of Güstrow impresses with half-timbering and brick Gothic, with imposing town houses, magnificent Renaissance buildings and the classicist town hall. The 16th-century castle lends this charming residential town its special charm.

Bergring town of Teterow

If you come to Teterow, you will find yourself in the geographical centre of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. As the main town in the holiday region of Mecklenburg Switzerland, the small town offers a charming mixture of history, nature and modernity. Teterow is particularly well known for its Speedway-Bergring.

Discover art and culture

MittsommerRemise 2022

This year, too, we would like to invite you on a discovery tour: Move from manor to manor and from castle to castle and discover extraordinary and enchanted places. Over two days, around 80-90 manor houses and estates in the villages of Mecklenburg and Western Pomerania will open their doors.
Mecklenburg: 18 June ’22 from 1 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Western Pomerania: 19 June ’22 from 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Tickets and further information are available directly on the website of the Mittsommer Remise. We look forward to your visit.

Plau am See Castle Festival

Theatre for people, with heart and authentically – that is the approach of Jacqueline Batzlaff, Manuel Ettelt and Christian D. Trabert. They have founded THEIR theatre in Plau am See to inspire and carry people away. From June to August, the events of the Burgfestspiele Plau am See take place on the Burgplatz.

Festival Summer 2022 in M-V

During the three-month festival summer, the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival brings music to the most beautiful places in the state from mid-June to mid-September – whether in old manor houses, barns, factory halls, castles and churches or under the open sky. Promising young musicians take the stage alongside world-famous soloists and international orchestras.

Discover exceptional projects

Garden by the Sea – Stadt Land Gut

The “Garden by the Sea is a project of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Association of Castles, Manor Houses and Mansions and the Rostock Planning Association. It shows the beauty of the countless manor houses, castles and stately homes in the Rostock region up to the Mecklenburg Lake District. Currently 33 manor houses are involved. The project also aims to present the manor houses as outdoor locations at the BUGA 2025 in Rostock. You can get to know the manor houses in a series of paintings by artist Daniela Friederieke Lürs and a virtual tour of Gremmelin Manor shows you all the stately homes.

Campfire by moonlight

A warm summer night…
View of the lake…
wrapped in a warm blanket…
Light, warmth, sensuality and magic – campfire romance

Library during bad weather

Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate or you don’t want to go out into the fresh air, you can relax with a game of chess, table games, good books and music in our library.